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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Middle of the week sketch

Hello everyone

I am not sure about you but this year is flying by so quickly and the days/weeks are moving so quickly and the next thing, the new sketch is up on the Lets Scrap blog!!!

So without any further delay, here is the new sketch and dont forget to go to the main blog here to link up your take on the sketch.

Here is the card sketch:

Here is my first Christmas card:

I did this card on Corel Draw purely because I am going to print plenty of copies and stick them to cardstock.  Maybe I am just lazy but I have had families/friends moaning "why did he/she get that card and I got this one" and from 2014, everyone is getting the same card.  It also make it easier to send this via email to those who live overseas.

Also remember that there is a challenge coming up this week on the Lets Scrap Bog this Friday, 19th September but dont worry, I will send you a post!

Also do visit the blog as often as you can as the members post almost daily their takes on the sketches/challenges.

That's all for now.


  1. Great idea to make these and print them out to put on CS...I think it's funny that people would be comparing their Christmas cards...cute..I guess they really appreciate the handmade cards they get!!!

  2. Great idea! I only make cards for some meaningful persons in my life and my mom is one of them. So she gets a special made card every year for Christmas. One year I did not have any inspiration so I used a pic of the kids with a Photoshop frame and you know what: She is still talking about that card!

  3. Wow what a clever idea! I might try that!