Nothing in life can hold more joys or more tears, can make you more proud or more tired, or give back more rewards that being a parent.

Friday, November 20, 2009

All the best things are {P}ink......

Hello everyone

It has been one busy time since our arrival in Durban. It is so good to be back and to be amongst families and friends. We now have a hectic social life and are enjoy every bit.

On the shop's side, we are still waiting for the installation of the Telkom lines and so far Telkom is looking for a cable to connect me to the exchange. I am giving them an extra week and then I am calling Neotel. Is there a chance that some of yous have looked into this competitor and have joined them? Please tell me more.

It looks like we have left the raining season in the Western Cape (rain in winter) for the raining season in kwaZulu Natal (rain in summer) and that means we have rain for a WHOLE year!! Recently we have had loads of rain and on Wednesday this week we had our mini tornadoes. I really don't think Durbanites have experienced the Cape Doctor cos mini tornadoes are definitely in the Western Cape at this time of the year!!!

The boys have settled in their new creche and it is a lot smaller than their previous creche. They are only there till 2.30 and then they drive mommy cra{z}y!

While I am dormant with my shop, I was offered a mornings only admin/book-keeping job for a business called Herbs by Rosemary. For the Durbanites, you may have seen these fresh herbs at our local Spars, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers etc. The girl that did the admin work had her second heart transplant operation in 8.5 years and has been having kidneys problems. So this is just temporary arrangement to help our family friend during her recovery period.

Christmas is around the corner and it is a time to together with the families and a time to start scrapping some lovely gifts. So watch this space for some ideas.

What is coming soon.......{very soon} .....is the new addition to the Cuttlebug family and it is a {s}he and is in {p}ink and is adorable. We are hoping that this lovely little lady will make an appearance for Christmas and what is also so cool is that you will get a {FREE} alphabet !!! That is right, spend R1000 and you will get a set on alphas worth R1050. If you are interested, please email me on scrapping@bscrapbooks.co.za So remember all things are pink....

That is all for now folks and I will write some more soon.

Bridgie and family