Nothing in life can hold more joys or more tears, can make you more proud or more tired, or give back more rewards that being a parent.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Endless communication possibilities....

Our lives are so busy and sometimes we live so far from our families. We miss the relationships with our families and often we do not even share important life events with them. We live in a time where there are so MANY ways to communicate.  Endless communication possibilities. 

No one will ever love us unconditionally like our family can. We'd be fools not to take advantage of this opportunity.  Life is all about throwing curve balls and its where one needs their families to help each other to accept, move on and cherish the memories of those who left us.

Connor, we all knew that your day would come sooner than most young kids but were we really prepared for that day?   I know I wasn't but deep down I knew that you, Connor, are in a so much better and pain free place.

When you died my whole world came crashing down,
Everywhere I look are the memories of you,

I see you in my children and always speak about you to your cousins, Ethan and Tyler.

It's only been three years, but it still feels like yesterday
But I learned that God needed you more than we did, but why then?

Connor fought for 7 years against the mitrochrondrial disease and earned his wings on September, 16 2011.  

Connor, I miss you terribly and know that you are dancing high up in the clouds.

This will always be my favourite photo of you......

Aunty Bridgie

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